BEST Tasting Non-Dairy Yogurts

Ditching dairy has never been easier.   In today’s market, you can find delicious, creamy, plant-based yogurts using almond, coconut, hemp and soy ingredients in all your favorite flavors.

Today’s non-dairy yogurts are creamy, silky, sweet and satisfying, and contain all of the beneficial probiotics as traditional yogurts to keep your gut healthy.

Experiment with a variety of dairy-free yogurts to see what taste you prefer.  No matter what non-dairy yogurt you choose, your health will benefit.

1.  Kite Hill Yogurt

2.  Silk Soy Yogurt

3.  Chobani Oat Milk Yogurt

4.  Ripple Pea Protein Yogurt

5.  So Delicious Greek Yogurt

6.  Cashew Milk Yogurt

7.  AYO Almond Yogurt

8. Amande Almond Yogurt

9.  Stony Field O’Soy

10.  Nancy’s Soy Yogurt

11.  Flax Milk Yogurt

12. Daiya Non-Dairy Yogurt

Or, Make your own!

Tofu Yogurt

Blend 7 oz tofu

1 cup blueberries

1/2-1 cup cup non-dairy milk

Sweetener if desired

Combine all ingredients and blend in a high speed blender until smooth.

Banana Yogurt

2 Bananas

1 scoop plant protein powder

Combine ingredients and blend in a high speed blender until smooth.

Chia Pudding

1/2 cup chia seed

2 cups non-dairy milk

Combine ingredients and place in an air tight container.  Refrigerate for 24 hour before eating.

Top with fresh fruit if desired.