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Vegan Diet Dangerous for Kids? Psychological Impact of Carnism on Children


Reports are swirling that the vegan diet is, "dangerous & extreme" for children, but what psychological impact does eating animals have on a child?

Click the links below to watch this fantastic 4-Part Serious on the Psychology of Carnism and Subscribe to the OGMizen Channel!
(parts 3 & 4 talk more specifically in regards to children)

The Psychology of Carnism + The Mass Slaughter of Animals - Part 1: Introduction

The Psychology of Carnism (+TMSA) -Part 2: The Psychological Features of Carnism

The Psychology of Carnism (+TMSA) Part 3: The Causes of Cruelty and The Drive To Destroy

The Psychology of Carnism (+TMSA) Part 4 - The Worst Place to be Innocent



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