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Are Aggressive Vegans Promoting WRONG Way? (No, Understanding Compassion)


If you have followers or fellow vegans who are confusing your PASSION for aggression & criticizing your activism, please show them this video.
Compassion is made out of non-compassion elements the same way a flower is made of non-flower elements.
When I look at a flower I see the storm cloud and I see the rain, because I know that without the storm cloud and without the rain, the flower does not exist.
Compassion can not BE by itself.

Many of us do not want to look inward & face our own suffering & pain as we may be overwhelmed by it. Aggression from others makes us uncomfortable.

We cover up our suffering my media, music, tv, newspapers, internet, food.

Practice mindfulness through walking/seated meditation, with which you can go home to yourself without fear.
- Thich Nhat Hanh


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