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30 Day Arms & Abs Challenge

  Phase 3 of the Vegan Fitness Challenge.

The 30 Day Arms and Abs Challenge is a series of workouts to specifically target and strengthen your arms and core.  Get ready to say "bye-bye" to bat-wings, muffin tops, and the lower belly pooch. 


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* Vegan Muscle

* Tighten & tone 

* Get lean and get healthy- form life long habits!




Program Includes:

Three Guides:  Meal Plan Guide, Fitness & Weight Loss Guide,  and a PDF copy of the 30 Day Challenge - over 200 pages teaching you how to easily develop a tight, toned, lean, bikini body. Download all of the information you NEED to get RESULTS instantly!
EXACT exercise plan for quick results with easy exercise variations for beginners available. 

  -Step-by-step tutorial

  -PDF copy of workout program

  -Print 'n Go worksheets

  -Easy variations for beginners

  -Private Facebook Group for Support and Accountability

* Vegan Meal Plan eGuide:

  -Grocery List

  -6 Meal Plans

  -Easy Swaps to Transition to a Vegan Diet

  -Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

  -Is Soy good for you?

  -How to Boost Your Metabolism, and MORE!

Private Facebook Support Group
Detailed Grocery Lists and advice on which foods to eat and why.
Vegan Meal plan, Recipes and Menu's for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks to help you stay slim and healthy long term.
Supplement Recommendations (for those on a plant-based/vegan diet)
Tips and Tricks for Cooking & Meal Prep, Healthy Food Swaps, Tips for Dining Out and Foods to Speed up your Metabolism

Workouts are fun, motivating and are designed to reshape and tighten your body, in a style of training that pushes and motivates you. Exercise never has to feel like a chore ever again.
Simple exercise tips to achieve your ideal body.  


Member's Only Website

* Over 60+ Nutrition articles on topics you need answers to, like: 

   * How to Get Rid of Cellulite

   * How Hormones Affect Female Training

   * How to Handle PMS Cravings 

   * Skinny Travel Snacks (that don't need refrigerating)

   * Do CARBS make you Fat?

   * Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

   * Are Thyroid Issues Causing Your Weight Gain?

   * High Protein Meals & Recipes

   * How to Tighten Loose Skin

   * How many Calories to eat when trying to Lose Weight  

* Over 80+ Vegan Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Holiday Treats, Vacation Snacks, and more!


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What do workouts look like?  Follow along with a Full Workout FREE!

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Invite a Friend 

Those who have a solid support system tend to be far more successful with a weight loss program, so tag a friend to take the challenge with you and have fun along the way! 



The Vegan Fitness Challenge is a 5-Phase At-Home Workout Program.  Sign up for the first 30 days and cancel at any time!
Phase 1: The 30 Day Vegan Fitness Challenge - perfect for beginners, an at-home fitness program the rev up your metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle and shed unwanted pounds. This program can be done with minimal equipment. I recommend a heavy and a light set of dumb bells and a timer at the minimum. Best of all, NO GYMBARASSEMENT! All videos, tutorials and printable worksheets viewable in the members only area.
Phase 2: The 30 Day Legs & Glutes Challenge will build your glutes, boost your caboose, and put your rear in gear!
Phase 3: The 30 Day Arms and Abs Challenge is a series of workouts that specifically target and strengthen your arms and core. Get ready to say "bye-bye" to bat-wings, muffin tops, and the lower belly pooch.
Phase 4: Earn a Summer body that will SIZZLE on the beach with The 30 Day Bikini Body Challenge. Flatten & tone your stomach, lift your booty & tighten your arms and legs.
Phase 5: The 30 Day Snow Bunny Challenge - NEW CHALLENGE that combines full body workouts with HiiT cardio!

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