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Customized Vegan Macro Coaching/Meal Plans

Price: $90.00
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6 Week Macro Coaching includes:
  • Personalized Vegan Meal Plan, based on your current starting point, goals, allergies/intolerances/food preferences. 
  • Personally calculated macronutrients. This includes how many grams of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein you will be required to eat each day.
  • Weekly Check In's and Weekly Macros Adjustments
  • IIFYM approach used to create your custom meal plan based on vegan foods YOU enjoy and find satisfying!
  • eGuide (Covering Flexible Dieting (IIFYM), Macros and Carb Cycling.  Includes Recipes and Sample Meal Plans)
  • Tips on the Best Pre & Post Workout Meals.
  • Vegan Grocery Shopping List.
  • Supplement recommendation for athletes but are NOT mandatory to purchase.
  • Free 6-week Access to website (all workouts, recipes and nutrition articles)

Who is Macro Coaching for?
-Bodybuilders/Fitness individuals who already have experience in basic nutrition/healthy eating.
-Bodybuilders/Fitness individuals needing a customized Vegan Meal Plan
-Bodybuilders/Fitness individuals needing supplementation recommendations specific to Vegan athletes

Who is Macro Coaching NOT for?
-Individuals looking to recover from disordered eating

-Individuals looking for general knowledge on healty, vegan eating (see membership for general meal plans/grocery lists)

The majority of coaches are charging $199- $399.98!!!macro-coaching/c12m1

"I changed my diet drastically right in the middle of the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  Instead of 1200 calories, I bumped up to almost 1700 but then was discouraged when I couldn't see the muscles I could feel were there.  I kept my head focused and forced myself to eat while I was consistently increasing my weights.  I can't say I'm disappointed at all where I ended up."

-Beth P. from Wisconsin

Meet Your Coach!
Holly Brown is Precision Nutrition certified and an ISSA certified Personal Trainer.
There is an INSANE amount of information on the web regarding nutrition, fitness, diet, what to eat, what NOT to do you know what's right for YOUR body and what does it take to meet YOUR goals.  This is where individual coaching is critical.  I look forward to the opportunity to coach you!

*No Refunds, partial refunds, exchanges or post dating of services.